Products & Markets

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Industrial Primers


  • 1K Solvent Epoxy Primer
  • 2K Solvent Epoxy Primer
  • 2K Solvent Urethane Primer
  • 2K Solvent Zinc Rich Primer
  • 1K Solvent Zinc Rich Primer

Markets Served

Agriculture, Construction, Machinery and

Transportation Components which

require fast cure and corrosion


Exterior Top Coat


  • 2K High Solid Urethane Enamels
  • 2K High Solid Urethane Mono-coats
  • 1K Hydro Enamels (Direct to Metal)
  • 1K Solvent Enamels (Direct to metal)
  • Re-Flowable Top-coats

Markets Served

Agriculture, Construction, Machinery and

Transportation Metal, Plastic and

composite components which require

fast cure and exterior durability.

Direct to Metal Coil Coatings


  • 2K High Solid DTM Urethane
  • 1K High Solids DTM Enamels
  • 1K Hydro DTM Enamels


Markets Served

Agriculture, Construction, Machinery and

Transportation components requiring

corrosion protection and exterior

durability in a one coat system.

Glass Coatings


  • BPA Free Certified
  • Low energy cure at 300F
  • Fast dry-to-touch, before bake
  • Low VOC water reducible coatings
  • Excellent scratch / scruff resistance
  • Custom colors with tints and dyes

Markets Served

Glass bottles – 100% adhesion to glass

and difficult substrates. Available in low

frost and high gloss clear.

Vacuum Metalizing Coatings


  • UV Base-coat
  • UV Hard-coat
  • Dual Cure UV
  • Urethane Alkyd
  • Acrylic

Markets Served

Automotive , Industrial Electronics and


Coil Coatings


  • Polyesters
  • Acrylics
    • Solvent and Hydro
    • Low VOC and HAPS free
    • OT Flexibility

Markets Served

Industrial and Construction. Pre-finished

components requiring flexibility and

exterior durability.

Wood Finishes


  • Oil Based Stains, Water Based Stains
  • UV Clears, Water Based Clears
  • Conventional Lacquer
  • Pre-catalized sealers and top-coats
  • Varnish sealers and top-coats
  • Ground and filler coatings

Markets Served

Flooring, Furniture and Cabinetry.



UV Curable Coatings


  • Epoxy 100% solids
  • Acrylic 100% solids

Markets Served

Industrial, Container and Packaging.

Components which require immediate

cure with outstanding chemical and

corrosion protection.

Your Needs

Our team of chemist can quickly design and provide a sample which demonstrates our ability to:

  • increase consistency and simplify application
  • improve performance while reducing total costs