Customer Success Profiles

WBI’s advanced laboratory and seasoned operational insights combine to deliver positive results.

 Challenge Imported pre-painted wood has inconsistent color and substrate preparation.

Solution WBI institutes training program in its lab and on customer’s site. Subjects include surface prep, color matching and proper painting techniques.


  • Increase in production
  • Reduce waste costs – less than 2%
  • Achieve repeatable colors quality
Cost Savings
Challenge Manufacturer of new/refurbished golf balls requires two and sometimes three coats to achieve proper hiding. Colors are inconsistent.
 Solution WBI suggests modifications to application process. WBI lab increases hiding and develops color standards ensuring consistency.


  • Increase productivity by 100%
  • Decrease costs by 55%
  • Consistent colors with single coat
Challenge Roll coating line utilizes green technology (water only) and is limited to low temperature IR oven requiring the line to run slower than optimum.
 Solution WBI Lab confers with IR oven manufacturer. Coatings are reformulated to insure quicker drying and curing. Lines set to run at increased speeds.


  • Increase productivity by 60%
  • Increase line speeds
  • Additional coatings introduced